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  • The lime in place of traditional lemon to combine two wonderful aromas and flavors.

  • Questa confettura sintetizza perfettamente la nostra filosofia di lavoro: il profumo del territorio e le bontà che spontaneamente ci offre ogni giorno.

  • La Mela Rosa (Pink Apple) jam is made using the apples from our orchards, sweetened only with a low percentage of sugar.

    As well as a perfect breakfast jam it can also be used to accompany meats, cheeses and pasta dishes.

    La Mela rosa is a Slow Food Presidium.

    BOX 230g (Net weight)
  • The opening of the can it turns out that the combination of Peach and Rosemary is not hazardous but in perfect balance of flavors.

  • The two most precious and typical products (Monti Sibillini Pink Apple and Truffles) of the Monti Sibillini area used together to make an amazing sauce, combining perfectly the two flavours.
    Try it with cheese.
    BOX 170g (Net Weight)
  • The Spicy Chilly flavour combined with the round taste of Monti Sibillini Pink Apple Jam makes an intriguing flavour to enjoy together with fresh cheese, roast beef, boiled meats or bruschetta. BOX 170g (Net Weight)
  • This Monti Sibillini Pink Apple Compote has no added sugar but is sweetened with Grape Juice from the best vineyards of our local mountain area. BOX 230g (Net Weight)
  • The "Vino Cotto" is boiled slowly, evaporating the alcohol, and leaving a sweet smelling product that is part of the history of Monti Sibillini. This delicious flavour then combines perfectly with the sour taste of the plums. Sweetened with just 9% of sugar. BOX 230g (Net Weight)
  • The sweetness of the Pears blended with the scent of orange and vanilla gives a creamy smooth taste that imparts a soft palate. Ideal for desserts and with breakfast. BOX 230g (Net Weight)
  • This Onion compote, with a slightly sweet and sour taste, is enriched with aromatic herbs from the Monti Sibillini area.
    Try it with cheese or as a seasoning for meat.
    BOX 170g (Net Weight)
  • With either "agostani" or "settembrini" figs collected through the hot summer. This is a jam flavoured with ginger that captivates with its special flavour. Ideal to accompany cheeses or  for breakfast. BOX 230g (Net Weight)
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