Our apple orchards look at the Sibillini Mountains, a treasure chest made of mythology and nature. The name of the mountains itself brings back to the mind the legend of the Sibilla, a figure with prophetic capabilities, present in the Greek, Roman and Christian mythology.

From 1993 the Sibillini are National Park.

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La Mela Rosa (Pink Apple) is a traditional variety of apple grown across all the mountain foothills of central Italy.
The most widespread and traditional habitat is located in the foothills of the Monti Sibillini.

The high resistance to diseases and insects of ‘La Mela Rosa’ is due to this particular location, the local environment and climate as well as the genetic characteristics.

The peculiar climatic conditions of the Monti Sibillini area, primarily the daily and seasonal
ranges of temperature, impact positively on the organic characteristics of the fruit, making it unique and totally different to the fruit grown on the lower plains.

For more than ten years ‘La Mela Rosa’  has been a ‘Slow food Presidium’


The collection of Rose Apples from late August to the end of October but can be consumed until the end of the following spring.

“Regarding the flavor, the apples of Tivoli are inferior to those of the Piceno, although they have more shape ”
Quinto Orazio Flacco (65 a.C)